JAZZ THALI is a London based jazz/traditional/fusion instrumental quartet interpreting musical pieces from retro Bollywood and from Hindu tradition, from Greek ‘rembetiko’ music, gypsy riffs and jazz tunes. The band has developed a unique multicultural music style, completing the missing links between Eastern and Western traditions and orchestrations. Extending the techniques of their instruments (tablas, saxophone, bouzouki, chord organ & double bass), Jazz Τhali produce sounds that resemble both native styles from older traditions as well as contemporary music styles in an amusing and playful manner.



ADRIAN NORTHOVER ( Alto & Soprano saxophone )
Adrian plays with the London Improvisers Orchestra, The Remote Viewers,Ensemble  Trip-Tik, Vlad Millers NFU,  Indo-fusion band Dha, Eardrum and other long-term and ephemeral projects within the improvised music scene, including solo saxophone recitals.

HARVIR SAHOTA ( Tablas & Tarambuka )
Harvir is a renowed Tabla player who was born and brought up in South West London. Curently working with various instrumental projects and DJ’s right across the spectrum.
He is also the instigator of Sahota Sounds, an exciting project which features original collaborations in the field of contemporary world-music.

TASOS STAMOU ( Greek Bouzouki & Chord Organ )
Tasos Stamou is an experimental music composer/performer and an instrument maker.
He is also a multi-instrumentalist interested to express through different arrangements the essence of traditional music in conjunction with contemporary blends. As a member of Jazz Thali he has been exploring the possibilities of the Greek bouzouki as a string instrument resembling other traditional ones, such as the Indian mandolin or sitar, the turkish saz etc.

Thodoris is a double bassist and composer born in Rhodes, Greece. Started playing the Cretan Lyra, from a young age as well as other Greek traditional instruments. After showing interest in jazz he took up the electric and double bass and shortly moved to London to study on the BA Jazz Course at Middlesex University where he was taught jazz performance and composition.Thodoris has been collaborating with many different projects and artists over the past years and has been appearing in clubs and festivals all over England and Europe.

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